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About CUVEY Group

Curtis E. Johnson, Jr., MBA, SHRM-CP Founder & CEO


What's in a name...Everything!

We are The CUVEY Group, LLC (pronounced cu-vay)  Our name is derived from the foundation of two people, Curtis and Ivey, my parents. They were the architects who taught and shaped my perspective for people and having a passion for others and to always treat all people with respect. 

While I have vast corporate knowledge and experiences, it was the lessons that I observed and learned from my parents that make the CUVEY experience like no other business consulting experience. If your business, team, or organization is challenged in finding cost effective marketing strategies and social media marketing then give us a call. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Who we are & what we do

The CUVEY Group is a Florida based marketing & human resource business consulting firm. 

At the CUVEY group, our marketing consulting practice helps organizations, small businesses, and corporations with marketing strategies  that effectively communicate and engage their respective target audiences. As a Certified Constant Contact Partner,  we  help to expand target audiences which results in growth for organizations, businesses and corporations. 

Our human resource consulting practice is based upon John Maxwell leadership principles and scientific based behavioral assessments.  By utilizing effective platforms and techniques we are ready and capable to conduct workshops, trainings, and private coaching sessions for individuals and companies looking to "accelerate human performance." As organizations form and look for growth  they might experience growing pains or set backs. This is exactly where The CUVEY Group, LLC can help chart the course for early and rapid success.

For more information or questions about our services please contact us at 772-206-3966 to schedule a free consultation for your organization or business. 

"Issues today, don’t delay…call CUVEY"

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The CUVEY Group, LLC consulting firm specializes in business consulting, marketing strategies, and social media marketing services.